No two spiders weave identical threads, so why should websites look the same? Not all webs are neat and tidy. Not all webs need to be gray and drab. The internet is a vastly eclectic place… let us help you spin a site that not only gets your message across, but reflects you and your personality to the world!

Webmaster Publishing is a customer oriented website design, hosting, and internet marketing company. We specialize in helping small businesses, from our backyard in Pennsylvania to the far reaches of the globe.

We look forward to being able to help you with all your web site needs. We have our standard rates clearly lined out on this site and we’ll be happy to give you a specific quote. Feel free to email us at info @ drwebber.com


Webmaster Publishing has been in business since 1996. Over the years we have included services such as Marketing Consultation, Website Design & Re-Design, Search Engine Registration, Internet Access, and Staff Training.

The central focus of Webmaster Publishing is to provide you with services that will not only promote your business in the positive manner which you want to do so, but to give you the tools, knowledge, and ability to take care of the future of that promotion. We train our clients on an easy back-end system, so you don’t have to pay costly and unnecessary upkeep or maintenance fees like other companies charge. We’ll listen to you, design what you both need and are looking for, and then train you to take the reigns and make the most out of your www billboard—because that’s what a website is, a billboard. An ad. No one looks in the phone book anymore… when they google, will they find you?

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